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Cold Storage Expertise: Quality Systems

Standardization and Consistency

You work hard at ensuring you provide the highest quality with equal consistency to your customers each and every day. Why settle for a logistics provider that does not do the same? At Richmond Cold Storage, our commitment to quality management systems ensures that we continue the same exemplary standards that you have set for your product throughout the entire supply chain. Defined and detailed processes which have been designed with your requirements in mind, along with detailed and thorough training, ensure your customers receive a product which has been through the safe, secure, and consistent supply chain you designed it to.

Cost Containment

At Richmond Cold Storage we believe in cost containment through our quality management system. While others look to cut quality to reduce cost, we look to improve quality through improved processes to reduce and contain cost. Through constant process monitoring and measurement, we are able to identify processes which do not provide the most benefit in quality and cost and improve upon them through our detailed root cause analysis programs. Our employees are trained in following the process all the way through with an eye on potential or actual process failure. By empowering employees at all levels of the process we ensure we have professionals at every stage providing feedback and developing only the highest and most beneficial processes.

Strict and Detailed Process Controls

Our Nonconformance, Preventive Action, and Corrective Action Systems are the heart and soul of our process control programs. They have been specifically designed to alert us to potential or actual process failure as well as assist us in identifying the root cause of the failure and eliminating the potential of the recurrence of the failure in the future. Additionally, our process development plan ensures that your requirements are incorporated and met during the process development phase. Internal and external audits complete this system as a constant monitoring tool.

Detailed and Ongoing Training Program

Whether through initial training, periodic quizzes, ISO challenges, or group training sessions, our employees receive continuous training to ensure they remain 100% competent in their jobs. Our two phase approach requires that the trainee and the trainer agree that the employee is competent in a task before they are released to perform the task without their mentor and trainer. This program further serves to ensure our customers and yours that your product is handled consistently, each and every time throughout our portion of the supply chain.

Continual Improvement

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to you for choosing an ISO 9001:2000 certified company employing a Kaizen culture is the requirement of continual improvement. Our continual improvement program includes input and feedback from employees and our customers at all levels. Prior to the beginning of each year, continual improvement objectives for the upcoming year are established for each facility and specific areas within each facility. Objectives are monitored and reported against quarterly so all employees and relevant customer and corporate representatives are aware on a regular basis where we stand regarding continually improving our business and the way we handle your product. Imagine receiving a KPI report on a quarterly basis from your suppliers stating the top ten things they have improved upon this quarter in relationship to your business. That is exactly what you get with Richmond Cold Storage.

Measured Customer Perception

A wise person once said, tomorrow no one will remember the 10 things you did right today, but will remember 10 years from now, the one thing you did wrong today. This is perhaps the number one reason your perception of the way we perform for you is important to us. Quarterly Customer Satisfaction Survey’s are custom developed for each and every customer to ensure we always know how you perceive the quality of service we are providing. We recognize that our customers are our life line, and further recognize the importance of the perceived level of quality we provide.

Employee Empowerment

We believe and are committed to the concept that the true professionals of our company are the employees that perform the tasks and follow the processes each and every day. To that end, we have empowered our employees to own each process from the development stage all the way through implementation and production. Each employee is empowered to stop nonconforming product from entering the supply chain and bring it to the attention of supervision and management to have the problem rectified. Each and every employee has a voice which is worthy of being heard and we are committed to ensuring they remain empowered to affect change for the better. This is the foundation of a Kaizen culture.