GGG Marketing

Dedicated Distribution and Global Agri-Business

New Market Analysis and Development

The global economy offers food processors opportunity to move into markets never before available.

Entering foreign markets, especially those outside of western Europe, is a new experience for many companies.

You’ll benefit from our experience opening markets in Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, and Latin America.

Dedicated Distribution Value

Working with established processing operations to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and add value in your supply chain domestically or internationally, the RCS consulting team will deliver recommendations that generate an attractive return.

Getting your products to market efficiently and on time maximizes your profit margins… an important goal for you and the result for which we operate.

Agri-Business Opportunities

  • Obtaining grants from US trade development agencies to help fund initial market studies.
  • Evaluating the feasibility of business success based on analysis.
  • Assessing facility options and developing business plans that serve as a roadmap to success.
  • Evaluating supply chains and creating logistics/distribution models.
  • Developing best practices/HACCP plans for operations.
  • Putting a team on the ground to launch a distribution center, including facility acquisition and operations implementation.
  • Providing worldwide access to experts in all relevant fields.