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Our Expertise: Quality Cold Storage Systems

Quality Management Systems from Richmond Cold Storage

ISO-9001:2000 certification and other Quality Management Systems give you confidence your products will be handled properly. A common sense, documented system focused on consistency, reliability and improving the way our facilities function and our business operates is the bedrock of how we handle your products and serve your customers.

The focus is on the customer, organizational processes and improvement. Regular audits and assessments ensure that RCS continually uses, monitors and improves its processes.

The Benefits of using 3PL Services from Richmond Cold Storage

There are a multitude of benefits for our customers through our ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.

The customer is the center of our attention and the nucleus around which our efforts revolve. Through our Quality Management System, our customers have experienced a decline in damages, and increased shipping and receiving accuracy. Truck turn times were reduced to allow our customers’ drivers and carriers to spend more time on the road instead of the warehouse dock.

Richmond Cold Storage Guarantee

Imagine partnering with a company that continuously audits itself to ensure your product is managed and protected in the same manner you would yourself. That’s what you get with RCS, it’s a guarantee.

Continual audits by independent registrars as well as our own certified lead auditors ensure compliance to your standards, contractual obligations, federal, state and local regulatory obligations, and to ISO standards.

By embracing the ISO standard, you get a guarantee that we will continuously improve upon the way we do business as well as handle your product, then, we can prove it to you.

Richmond Cold Storage Quality Management System ensures:

  • Ingrained Commitment to a KAIZEN Culture
  • Standardization & Consistency
  • 3PL Cost Containment
  • Strict & Detailed Dedicated Distribution Process Controls
  • Detailed & Ongoing Cold Storage Training Program
  • Continual Improvement
  • Measured Cold Storage Customer Perception
  • Third Party Warehousing Employee Empowerment