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Our Expertise: Food Product Handling

Fully Trained 3PL Associates

You get Associates trained in the proper techniques, requirements and practices in safely handling your products. Products will be handled in accordance with your quality and food safety guidelines as well as utilize the latest in material handling technology to ensure the integrity of your products.

Cold Storage Food Safety Programs

Facilities with strict and stringent housekeeping and food safety programs that involve all of our associates result in a highly effective method for handling your products. Sanitation is paramount at Richmond Cold Storage to ensure we meet all Federal, State and Local requirements and guidelines. In addition, your expectations and requirements are the basis of our safety programs.

Continual Dedicated Warehousing Inspection and Monitoring

Your products have a good home! Our facilities are continuously audited and inspected by third party organizations such as the American Sanitation Institute, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as our Internal Auditors and our customers Quality Inspectors.

Richmond Cold Storage Company electronically monitors and documents storage temperatures 24/7 to ensure product quality. We have designed our blast cells to thoroughly and expeditiously freeze product to the proper temperature. We have access to industry experts and data regarding the proper storage temperatures and handling practices for perishable products.

Our commitment to safe and proper food product handling includes:

  • Trained associates in proper handling techniques
  • Sanitation inspections
  • Temperature monitoring & documentation
  • Documented housekeeping programs
  • Quality driven blast freezing capabilities