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Our Services: International Refrigerated Port Services

Dockside Warehousing

RCS’s International Refrigerated Port Services (IRPS), located on Pier 3 at Norfolk International Terminal, offers access to world markets.

Of special interest to customers is our ability to load containers to their maximum weight capacity, allowing you to ship more for your transportation dollar.

And, our dockside location offers maximum efficiency!

Import / Export and Dedicated Warehousing

International shipping requires special handling and document preparation that is crucial to your shipment successfully reaching its final destination.

IRPS handles international cargo on a daily basis and not as a special order. You can leverage our experience and expertise to ensure your products move smoothly and quickly through the international supply chain.

Learn more about our importing and exporting expertise

Dedicated Distribution — International Needs?

  • Import & Export.
  • Import bonded.
  • Blast freezing.
  • Drayage services.
  • Container and breakbulk loading & unloading.
  • Trans-loading between rail, trucks & containers.
  • Rail served by CSX & NS.
  • USDA approved.
  • Russian certified for Pork and Poultry.
  • Stamping and labeling.
  • Web-enabled inventory reporting through ColdTrax.

Richmond Cold Storage provides fast, efficient service via truck, train, plane, or ship from any of its east coast facilities to anywhere in the world.