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Richmond Cold Storage Services

Cold Storage, Dedicated Warehousing, and 3PL Services:

  • Dedicated Distribution Services
    Focus on your core business and what you do best while our management team operates your dedicated distribution facility – a combination that leverages both company’s strengths to generate an attractive return on investment.
  • Public Refrigerated Warehouses
    Get close to your mid-Atlantic customers through Richmond Cold Storage Company. Located in close proximity to many retail and food service distribution centers, Richmond Cold Storage can provide sku intensive case picking programs, blast freezing, rail service, cross-docking as well as a variety of other customer specific services and programs.
  • International Services
    Optimize your transportation dollars by loading containers to their maximum weight capacity through our dock side warehouse located at Norfolk International Terminal in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • 3PL (Logistics)
    Leverage the Richmond Cold Storage Logistics network by utilizing our own fleet or our partnerships with a variety of carriers.
  • Global Agri-business
    Penetrate worldwide markets never before available to food processors. Let RCS assist you with obtaining grants from various U.S. development agencies to fund initial market studies, evaluate facilities, establish the supply chain and create logistics and distribution models.