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Get It All At Mediterra Naples – The Club

Golf is without doubt one of the fastest growing sports in the world – and The Mediterra has recognized that as the game grows in popularity so will the demand for world-class facilities – including lifestyle options that compliment the golf experience. However, it must all start with the design of the perfect greens and fairways. It is here where the Mediterra journey begins – at two world-class golf courses. Both of the classes at Mediterra were designed by Tom Fazio who has become globally recognized for his commitment to environmentally sustainable course design.

But this is only the beginning of the Mediterra experience. The clubhouse is complimented by the Mediterra Beach Club which brings the true Mediterranean experience to the members of the club. Set amid the swaying palms of a world-class resort style location on the Gulf of Mexico this is luxury at its most prestigious. The 10,000 square foot venue boasts world-class cuisine with both indoor seating and the option to enjoy the ocean breezes blowing off the Gulf of Mexico at the Al Fresco option. A heated swimming pool and the stunning Bonita Beach are both ideal to watch the majestic sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. For those who want to feel the warm waters of the Gulf lapping at their feet the cabana service is that touch of indulgence. The Cabana Kiosk provides tropical style refreshments for those who want to complete the ultra luxurious experience. If you want to know more contact a Mediterra Naples properties realtor.

A short distance from the clubhouse those members who wish to improve their fitness levels and at the same time enjoy a highly social environment will be able to indulge in award-winning tennis program as well as eight world-class lays surfaced courts. For those who want to hone further their fitness levels, the fitness center awaits. To relax after a high-intensity workout a spa, heated pool and sauna are also available. There are also three Bocce courts, as well as three Pickleball courts. The ‘ Bella Vita’ rooms are where the various club members gather to discuss matters relating to their interests and enjoy an opportunity to socialize.

The Mediterra Club experience would not be complete without the addition of world-class dining opportunities. Members are able to enjoy several styles of cuisine, all prepared by chefs who are committed to providing meals that are healthy while at the same time being indulgent. Of course service levels and attention to the details which transform the culinary experience into one that is world class is also of the utmost importance. For those who want to enjoy superlative elegance the Chef’s Table takes dining to new heights. The Clubs Club’s Grille Room provides an A La Carte experience that is second to none. The al fresco terrace is the ideal venue for a late night snack or an after-dinner aperitif. Know more here.

The Mediterra Clubhouse lends new meaning to the phrase luxury and quality of life – it is the destination for those who decided that they will never settle for second best.